Kirill Zorin

I'm Kirill – I help startups fight the management chaos.

Project Management as a Service

Cost-effective and scalable way to bridle fast-growing projects

Does this close to what happening in your project?

The complexity of the product increases, and you have to deal with a lot of new things.

You are often forced to make decisions with a lack of information and under deadline pressure.

Your project is growing and you have too many responsibilities and daily tasks.

The development process is not transparent enough, and you have issues with execution.

The issues you might have right now

Lack of transparency in product development process

Lack of project management expertise

No straight development process

Lack of software development expertise

Project scope creep and tech debt

Failed deadlines

How I Can Help, Today
I provide Project Management as a Service, which means you will get ad-hoc assistance to improve project processes and mitigate risks
Setup the product development process
Analyze the situation, choose and implement the relevant approach with a set of practices to achieve transparency and effective execution.
Scope definition and prioritozation
Identify the needs of stakeholders and customers, analyze the existing workload, and help organize it into a manageable backlog.
OKR and Metrics Development
To measure the success of the project and have clear goals, I help focus the team's efforts and structure objectives.
Risk and issue analysis
Investigate and define the most critical gaps and potential risk situations that could impact the project's success.


Dmitriy Solodukha

Kuttle, Funder and CEO

I really enjoy working with Kirill. He is incredibly helpful when you need to build the product. He asks exactly the right questions to extract knowledge that explains exactly WHAT you want to build... and then just creates a roadmap of HOW to build it and make it work. Kirill manages the development process perfectly, turning ideas into a step-by-step plan. He is also great at managing the development team and making sure all the pieces work together. Kirill is ideal for someone who wants to build a product but has a tight budget. He is practically a lifesaver.

Sergey Raskin

Paysend, Chief Project Manager

Kirill has an impressive understanding of startup culture and knows how to build a strong foundation for success. His experience of being involved in the various stages and life cycles of an ongoing project gives him an invaluable insight into where efforts need to be focused He's adept at aligning processes with the overall goals, vision and roadmap. A valuable asset to any team.
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